WebMail Client FAQ

Where do I login for WebMail ?
You can login to WebMail here


I would like to send messages FROM my email aliases/email forwarding accounts ?
You can do this by logging-in to WebMail using your main account details - the same username and password that you would use to log-in to the members area.

If you are unsure what your User ID and password is, you can use our lost password facility at the members area.
In mailbox view, WebMail occasionally shows the recipient, instead of the sender, of the message.
WebMail's mailbox view shows the recipient in the From column on messages for which you are the sender. (In other words, since you sent it, you know who the sender is, so WebMail tells you who you sent it to.) This is particularly useful for the sent-mail and drafts folders.
How do I get rid of deleted mail?
WebMail can work in two modes: marking mail as deleted, and moving deleted messages to a Trash folder.

In the first mode, when you tell WebMail to delete one or more messages (by clicking Delete in the message view, or by selecting the check box to the left of the message in the mailbox index view and then clicking Delete), the mail is only marked as deleted, and is not immediately removed from your mailbox, giving you the opportunity to decide to undelete it. If you are certain you will not need the deleted message(s), click on Purge Deleted in the mailbox index view. If you only wish to make WebMail stop displaying the deleted messages, without permanently removing them, click Hide Deleted from the mailbox index view.

If you are using the Trash folder feature, it acts somewhat differently. When you tell WebMail to delete one or more messages (by clicking Delete in the message view, or by selecting the check box to the left of the message in the mailbox index view and then clicking Delete), the mail is moved to a Trash folder, giving you the opportunity to decide to undelete it (remove it from the trash) later. If you are certain you will not need the deleted message(s), click on Empty Trash folder in the mailbox index view. In addition, you can have WebMail schedule to automatically empty your trash folder at various intervals via the "Maintenance Operations" section of Options.

The setting to choose which option you would like to use, is found under the Options menu, "Deleting and Moving Messages".
How do I send mail to more than one person?
To send mail to more than one person, separate their email addresses in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: header (or a combination of all three) with commas (","). Do not use semicolons (";") to separate lists of email addresses.
How can I quickly access the entries in my Contacts List?
Instead of opening the Address book window, you can save time when sending mail to people in your Address book by typing their name, or part of their name, in the appropriate header field in the Compose window itself and the using the Compose window's Expand Names button to expand the name to the full address. If multiple Address book entries match, you will be given a selection list of all the matching entries from which you may select the desired address.

In addition the Expand Names button discussed above, WebMail has an Address Book button which can be used to look up names in the Address Books .
How do I store more than one email address in a Contacts List entry?
Full support for multiple addresses is still being implemented. But, in most cases you can store multiple addresses in a single Address book entry simply by listing all the email addresses in the Address book Email field separated by commas. Do not use semicolons (";") to separate lists of email addresses.

Note that the number of addresses that fit in a single entry may be limited.
How do I attach a file to a message I've composed?
Due to the nature of Web-based mail, attaching a file to a message you are about to send is slightly different than what you may be accustomed to in conventional mail programs. Attaching a file requires two steps. While composing the message:
  1. Type the filename in the Attachment field, or press the Browse button to use a dialog box to choose the file to attach.
  2. Press the Attach button to attach the selected file. This may take a moment as the file is copied from your computer to the server on which you access WebMail.
Please note that for large files and/or slower Internet connections, the process of uploading and attaching your file to the email may take a while. Please be patient and do not click on other things while you are waiting.
How can I view a message's full headers?
To see the entire message header, click the Message Source link in the Parts section of the message view. This will show you the raw mail message in the mailbox, including full headers and any attachments in encoded form.
How can I filter, forward, block, or automatically respond to mail?
If you want to filter future messages from the same person as the message you are currently using, use the Blacklist link when in the message view. This will add a rule to filter out that sender, and take you to the Filter Rules Options page.

For more general filtering, select the Options menu item in WebMail, and then select Filters from the Mail Management section.

Note that creating a rule does not filter any messages! You must click the Apply All Rules button on the Filter Rules page or the "Apply Filters" icon next to the INBOX name in the mailbox view to filter all undeleted messages according to the specified rules. If your installation has persistent options, you can set up filter options to apply your filter rules at login and/or when the a mailbox is refreshed.

You can also create, remove, or arrange the order of rules from the Filters Rules page. Note that rules are applied once per message, hence rule order is significant. Make sure you have the most important rules first.
After using WebMail, my non-Web mail program shows a message with the subject, "DON'T DELETE THIS MESSAGE -- FOLDER INTERNAL DATA".
This is an artifact of the IMAP server that your organization uses, from which WebMail retrieves your messages. The message can be ignored.
After spellcheck, how do I find out the correct spelling of misspelt words?
WebMail will suggest replacements for misspelt words automatically.
How can I request a return receipt or delivery notification?
Whether or not you will get a confirmation back depends on many factors outside of WebMail's control, but you can request a return receipt by clicking the "Request a Return Receipt" checkbox in the message composition screen.
How can I have WebMail notify me when new messages arrive?
You can configure this via the Options link in the WebMail menu bar. From Options select New Mail (from the "Other Options" area), then check the checkbox labeled "Display pop-up notification of new mail."
Can I undelete messages?
You can undelete messages any time up until you click on the Empty Trash or Purge Deleted buttons, or until any automated emptying of the trash occurs if you have set up such an option. To undelete messages (marked as deleted) from the inbox listing, check the checkbox to the left of the messages you wish to keep, then press the Undelete link at the top or bottom left of the page. When you are viewing a message marked for deletion, there will be a link at the start and end of the message to undelete that message.

If you are using a Trash folder, you can undelete the messages by moving them out of the Trash folder into another folder.


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